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A race for the wickedly adventurous

Red Bull
Soapbox Ohio

Cincinnati - August 29th

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your imaginations




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180 N Upper Wacker Drive, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606




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ATTENTION: Red Bull Soapbox Ohio 180 N Upper Wacker Drive, 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606
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Fasten your seat belts, Cincinnati - applications due June 21, 2015.

About Red Bull
Soapbox Race

Red Bull Soapbox Race is a national event for amateur drivers racing homemade soapbox vehicles. Each hand-made machine is fueled by creativity and competitive fun - not to mention the need for speed. This unique non-motorized event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

The most creative and craziest teams will race each other through the streets of Cincinnati. Those keen need to show their commitment, creativity and some imaginative flair because applications close June 21, 2015.

Soap up, rinse down and lock in for the ride of your life!

The rules







The Red Bull Soapbox is a meant to be an enjoyable day out for participants and spectators, but there is clearly an element of risk involved in the race.
The basic rules here are an absolute requirement for participants.
All participants must wear a helmet provided by the organizers.
The driver MUST NOT be strapped into the soapbox, or enclosed in any capsule or cockpit from which they can’t readily escape.
Any costume you wear must not pose the risk of getting caught in the vehicle or hampering the driver’s ability to see or breathe.
Each team is responsible for the safe design and construction of their soapbox, and obviously we’ll help wherever we can. Your design will be subject to inspection by our Safety Team, who will do all they can to ensure your trip is safe. If the Safety Team isn’t 100% satisfied, you will have to make suitable adjustments.

Your human-powered racing machine must not exceed a maximum of 2m wide and 5m long, be at least 10cm from the ground and no taller than 2.5m. It must not exceed 80kg in weight (excluding the driver, of course).
Soapboxes must be powered by the force of gravity and your imagination only. So no stored power or external energy sources are allowed. But that doesn’t mean you won’t go fast so fully functioning brakes and steering are required. Modified prefabricated cars, kit-cars and vehicles such as bulldozers, steamrollers or tricked-out minis are not allowed.
So, remember that your car needs to move only with the strength of human power. Driver must be 18 years of age or older, and the three ‘mechanics’ of any age will make for your pit crew. They’ll give you the push you need to get you off the starting ramp. But no engines, gas, batteries, electrical cords, catapults, afterburners and the like are allowed.
And nothing can be mounted, screwed into or glued to the pavement in any way, shape or form. All racing machines should carry completely functional brakes and steering. No braking with hands and feet will be accepted. Brakes should function independently of the steering and should be connected to and operate on at least two wheels.

The team should consist of FOUR persons including the driver.

All team members must be 18yrs or over (please notify us if any of your team members are under 18yrs in your application).

Event participants must wear helmets provided by Red Bull.
All participants must be fit and well at the time of the race, and free of any medical condition which may be exacerbated by participation.
Make sure you have all read and signed the Legal Disclaimer.

Any Questions?


What exactly is the Red Bull Soapbox Race?

Red Bull Soapbox Race is an international event in which amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. Each hand-made machine is fueled by nothing but sheer courage, the force of gravity and perhaps a little Red Bull. This unique, non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

Teams are judged on speed, creativity, and showmanship.

What is the entrance fee?

There are still some things in this world that are free, Red Bull Soapbox Race is one of them. This event is open to the public.

How are teams chosen to participate?

Red Bull Soapbox Race is a single day of thrills, so the number of contestants will be limited. Teams are chosen based on information they provide on their Red Bull Soapbox Race Application.

Everyone participating in the event must gather a team of FOUR persons (including themselves,) build a car and also drive it! The construction can be of any shape and material provided it complies with the specifications and regulations.

A selection committee reviews each application and picks 50 teams based on craft creativity, technical feasibility, safety and originality while also ensuring the regulation guidelines have been met. But remember, this is as much about who you are as it is about what you can build.

What is the evaluation criteria?

Each team is evaluated on three criteria:

1. Speed

Not to state the obvious, but this event is, first and foremost, a race, therefore, the fastest one across the finish line is definitely going to be looked upon favorably.

2. Creativity

It’s not enough that it actually moves. What we’re looking for is the outrageous, the preposterous, the ostentatious! Your soapbox should be an extension of you, so have fun when you design it. Be wild. Be crazy. Be anything you want. Just do not be ordinary.

3. Showmanship

We said the first one to cross the finish line will be looked upon favorably, we didn’t say they’d win. That’s because when it comes to Red Bull Soapbox, speed is nothing without a little personality. So, wow us with your stage routine, impress us with your charisma and of course, dazzle us with your showmanship.

How many teams are involved?

From those who dare to apply, 50 teams will be selected and announced on or around June 30, 2015. Keep up with the teams’ progress via @redbullOHIO #Soapbox

When are team applications due?

Applications must be completed on or before June 21, 2015

Who can I talk to about applying?

For all team application questions please email soapboxohio@us.redbull.com or call 312.368.3746

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Calling the fearless, the fun loving and the foolhardy.

Faster than a flying piglet.