Red Bull
Soapbox Race 2017.

Los Angeles, July 16TH


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Fasten your seat belt. And unleash your imagination.

About Red Bull
Soapbox Race

Red Bull Soapbox Race is a global event for amateur drivers racing homemade soapbox crafts. Each hand-made machine is fueled by creativity and competitive fun - not to mention the need for speed. This unique non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

Red Bull has held more than 100 soapbox races around the world since the first one in Brussels in the year 2000 – from Australia to South Africa, Helsinki to St. Louis, Jamaica to Italy.
L.A.'s most innovative and witty teams will race each other down the twists and turns of Angels Point Road in Elysian Park on the 16th of July.

The rules







All crafts must be human powered, meaning no engines, pedals or external energy sources.

Your human-powered racing machine must not exceed a maximum of six feet wide and twelve feet long, be at least seven inches from the ground and no taller than seven feet.

Fully functioning brakes and steering are required.

It must not exceed 176 lbs. in weight (excluding the driver, of course).

First of all, your brave team of five must be at least 18 years old. We’re not opposed to younger drivers, but lawyers are.

Every driver is permitted a co-driver, who helps with directions and serves snacks if the driver feels peckish. Although the co-driver is not mandatory.

All performance costumes must not pose the risk of getting caught in the car or hamper the driver’s ability to see.

Teams are judged on three criteria: Creativity, showmanship and speed. So racers need to wow us with their stage routine, impress us with their soapbox design and, of course, dazzle us with their showmanship.

Any Questions?


What is Red Bull Soapbox Race?

Red Bull Soapbox Race is an international event in which amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. Each hand-made machine is fueled by nothing but sheer courage, the force of gravity and perhaps a little Red Bull. This unique, non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race.

Teams are judged on speed, creativity and showmanship.

What is the entrance fee?

There are still some things in this world that are free, Red Bull Soapbox Race Los Angeles is one of them. This event is free and open to the public.

When is the event?

July 16, 2017

How many teams are involved?

70 teams will be selected to participate.

When are team applications due?

Applications close April 19, so be sure to submit before then!

How are teams chosen to participate?

Red Bull Soapbox Race Los Angeles is a single day of thrills, so the number of contestants will be limited. Teams are chosen based on information they provide on their Red Bull Soapbox Race Los Angeles application.

A selection committee reviews each application and picks up to 70 teams based on craft creativity, technical feasibility, safety and originality while also ensuring the regulation guidelines have been met. But remember, this is as much about who you are as it is about what you can build.

What is the judging criteria?

Each team is evaluated on three criteria:

1. Creativity

It’s not enough that it actually moves. What we’re looking for is the outrageous, the preposterous, the ostentatious! Your soapbox should be an extension of you, so have fun when you design it. Be wild. Be crazy. Be anything you want. Just do not be ordinary.

2. Showmanship

We said the first one to cross the finish line will be looked upon favorably, we didn’t say they’d win. That’s because when it comes to Red Bull Soapbox, speed is nothing without a little personality. So, wow us with your stage routine, impress us with your charisma and of course, dazzle us with your showmanship.

3. Speed

Not to state the obvious, but this event is, first and foremost, a race, therefore, the fastest one across the finish line is definitely going to be looked upon favorably.


Other questions?

For all other inquiries, please email

Calling the fearless, the fun loving and the foolhardy.

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your imaginations.




ATTN: Red Bull Soapbox Race 1630 Stewart St. Santa Monica CA 90404




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Wednesday 08. February 2017


LOS ANGELES (February 8, 2017) – Ready! Set! Go! Red Bull Soapbox Race will return to Los Angeles after a six-year hiatus on July 16 to feature some of the wildest legal street racing around. While the city is well known for its bumper-to-bumper traffic, we are making way this summer and transforming Elysian Park into a bonafide racetrack. 70 teams will be selected to compete in this human-powered racing event, encouraging gear heads and adrenaline junkies alike to break out their toolboxes and build outrageous non-motorized soapboxes designed to thrill the masses. These speed demons will race down Angels Point Road leading them to brave chicanes, hairpin corners and jumps before screeching across the finish line.

Have you ever wanted to speed past a crowd of thousands as they cheer you on to victory? If the answer is yes, Red Bull Soapbox Race Los Angeles is calling your name! Teams can enter their engineering marvels and crazy concepts with a formal application, information found at starting today. Don’t delay – get that concept submitted ASAP, as applications MUST be submitted by April 11.

Teams will need more than just courage to claim victory on these city streets, as they will be judged on three criteria: creativity, showmanship and speed. So, make it fast, fabulous and fun! Previous events have proven the most outlandish crafts are typically the big winners, so put on your creativity caps and let loose.


Each soapbox must be powered by gravity and imagination, which means no stored power or external energy sources allowed. And size does matter! All vehicles must not exceed a maximum of six feet wide and twelve feet long, no taller than seven feet, be at least seven inches from the ground, and cannot weigh more than 176 lbs (not including the driver). Drivers, engineers and grease monkeys must be at least 18 years old to be part of the five-person team.

Don’t have the fortitude to put your body on the line? Spectators are welcome to check out the thrills and spills unfold from the sideline, as the event is free to attend.

The Los Angeles event will be the 21st U.S. Red Bull Soapbox Race to ever take place, with the first stateside race held in St. Louis in 2006. The global event dates back to 2000, when it first took place in Belgium, and has since visited almost 50 countries.

For more information and to apply, visit A selection of high-resolution event photos from around the world can be downloaded at

For all media inquiries, please contact:
Brener Zwikel & Associates: Crystal Fukumoto,, (310) 709-8690

Through the Red Bull network, hi-res video and still images are captured and made immediately available for editorial use for all media channels including television, film, print, mobile, and digital. The content is centrally located in the Red Bull Content Pool for media partners at

Faster than a flying piglet.

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Los Angeles

Elysian Park

Elysian Park
929 Academy Rd,
Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

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