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Red Bull Soapbox Race


The Sweet Dreams Machine



The Sweet Dreams Machine

About us

This is the story of Sonny
The baby of the family,
but at 6'3" not such a baby anymore!
So We sent him off to uni'
but at Uni' Sonny sleeps...
Sonny sleeps lot's!
We wanted him to come to London, to take part in the Red Bull Race... So we built him a bed... with wheels...
So Sonny can sleep and dream about someone....
Who is that someone?

Our team is:
George the man to make our pencil drawings reality!
He has managed to organise the nuts and bolts that we hope will make our bed roll!
Jemma is adding our TV expertise to our group. Having taken part in the Apprentice series 10. Our Jem will be helping us avoid the pit falls of fame and fortune.
Jo is our organiser, based in London if Jo says Jump we jump! Its Jo's birthday Race Weekend too!
Dad, Steve got us into this mess. Yet another whacky idea, father tends to head us down the occasional rocky road.
Mom, Karen our gorgeous mom, will keep things clean and tidy. Meanwhile she will provide the cotton wool and bubble wrap to protect no.1 son....
and finally, Sonny our baby will probably find all this far too much excitement for one whole day and take a kip on the dream machine possibly missing the whole event.!

Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I'm dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
the kind of feeling I've waited so long........


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Team Members



Dad (Steve)


Mom (Karen)







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