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Loony Lunar Buggy

About us

Good Day Soapbox fans.
We are Loony Lunar Buggy team.
We are all from up north of England, We're all related in in some way so get on well. I am called Caractacus, after the man in the film "Chitty Chity Bang Bang" as I use in all sorts around the house and garden to make other things.
True fact (as far as I know) I am distant relative of George Stephenson, (inventor) "father of the railways"

Its a little known fact that northerners pioneered space travel too, and to follow on from this we are presenting our new prototype vehicle that runs on Red Bull Energy. We have tried to utilize as much recyclable thing in our craft as we can, which might give it a familiar look to some.

I have now gathered plenty of my build materials, and will be starting work on the vehicle this week.
I will post some pics as we proceed.
Chow for now


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Team Members

Caractacus Shots


Col. Sparky


Col. Bob the Builder


Col. Jack the lad

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