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The Pulling Machine



The Pulling Machine

About us

We are 4 lads from Kildare with the common goal of winning the Red Bull Soap Box race and becoming heroes, role models and most of all mentors!

Our team is as follows:

Ken AKA "Farmer Stig" is the team leader and pilot of the Pulling Machine.

Richard AKA "Sargent Slaughter" he's the educated one of us all and brings our mad ideas back down to reality

Simon AKA "Jimmy Johnson" is the good looking one on the team, With a keen eye for detail he keeps us square and true.

Timmy AKA "Captain Snow Flake" Provides the enthusiasm to the team and the one who will push the boundaries of engineering to the limit.

Our team consists of a Mechanic, an Engineer, a Carpenter, mad scientist and a Theologian. With these key members we can produce a quality soap box with which we will win!!!

Our soapbox theme is based around Kenny Chesney's hit song, "She thinks my tractors sexy". The pulling machine is based around a John Deere tractor which not only can pull a plough but will also pull the girls!

We decided that while building our soapbox we will do our bit for charity and use it to raise some money for our chosen charity Arthritis Ireland.

With a few little hidden surprises when we arrive on the start line everybody will fear the Deere!
and when we hit the road you will be witnessing the fastest tractor ever, to go down St Patrick's hill.

And always remember "No Smoke, No Poke"!!!!!!!!


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We never thought we'd see a giant breakfast roll hurtling down Patrick's Hill at 50kph!

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