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The Killer Unicorn



The Killer Unicorn

About us

Our trainers, "The I don't care bears" have some pretty harrowing backstories that brought them to this disturbing existence they now live. To train a maleficent, baneful beast such as a robot unicorn soap box you must be the lowest of the low.

Care bear Eoin used to be the ruler of a small Care Bear kingdom far east. Orphaned practically from infancy he had little guidance in life. Forever getting into trouble and eventually losing his kingdom led him down the dangerous path of studying an ancient, forgotten form of dark magic - fibre glassing. Eoin is our fibre glass specialist for this project.

Care Bear Ben is the the result of a gruesome "Frankenstein-esque" experiment. He was created by Dr Love A Lot as an exploration of invinvibility, an attempt to create a Care Bear that could be pushed beyond any limit imaginable. Unfortunately, Ben's thirst for adrenaline and opportunities to put his mortality to the test left him bored and restless. He rebelled against his creator and his programming. In a bid for the freedom to pursue his own agenda, Ben defeated Dr Love A Lot and joined the "I don't care bears". Rather fittingly, he is the chosen pilot for our soap box. If the crowd look closely on the day they will see a disturbing smile across his tormented face as he taunts his own mortality


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Team Members

Care Bear Ben


Care Bear Eoin


Care Bear Nick

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