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Half Tapped

About us

In 2k16 a crack unit of North Cork's finest Junior B hurlers were banished to the wilderness of a club hurling match sideline for fouls they didn't commit.

These falsely accused warriors of the ancient game of hurling decided to escape the disapproving glare of the pedigree herd of cows grazing by the pitch side paddock.

Their refuge being the sanctum of the clubhouse bar. Here they ordered a can of RedBull's finest to revitalise body and mind. It was here these warrior hurlers/soldiers of fortune glanced across an advert for the Red bull Soapbox Race and pledged to change their destiny and enter this sacred race.

Together they formed Half Tapped Racing united by their hurling and engineering skill set. They are in no particular order Tim "The Tool Man" O' Callaghan, Kevin "Ice Cold" O' Dwyer, Thomas "The Tank" Geary and Jerry "Del Boy" Curtin.

Today still wanted for Junior B hurling training, they survive as full forwards. If you have an up and coming match, if nobody else answers their phone and you're able to pry them from their pub stools. Maybe just maybe you might offer game time to the above All Stars.

On a side note the Soapbox is progressing well with all project milestones being reached as per schedule. Each member has clearly defined roles within the team are working harmoniously.


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Team Members

Thomas "The Tank" Geary


Jerry "Del Boy" Curtin


Kevin "Ice Cold" O' Dwyer


Tim "The Tool Man" O' Callaghan


Siobhán Curtin

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